Sapphire Rooms Casino

If you’re brand new to the online casino industry and would like to start off at a pretty modern site to see what sort of benefits players in the online world get then Sapphire Rooms would be a good shout for you as they’ve recently refurbished their site to look as modern and stylish as ever and they have all the sweet benefits that come with a modern site too!

It’s sapphire blue that Sapphire Rooms has dressed itself in which we’re sure won’t surprise too many of you and they’ve combined that with a fantastic 3D theme for the site where the backgrounds to all the different areas of the site are unique looking sapphire rooms which are part of the bigger sapphire mansion! Before the recent makeover at Sapphire Rooms we hadn’t really seen a design like this so it’s certainly has a bit of uniqueness to it if nothing else!

The welcome package offered by Sapphire Rooms is just as enticing as their brand new look as you can earn yourself up to £500 off the bat with them. This welcome package is split across your first three deposits with the site and what makes this even better is the fact that the first of the three bonuses is a 200% matching deposit bonus so even if you’re not looking to spend a lot you’ll still get a great deal!

The games offered up by Sapphire Rooms are certainly worth a mention too as while they have many of the best games from a lot of the biggest developers such as NetEnt, they also have a live casino section for those looking to add a little atmosphere and some exclusive games to the site as well which means they can offer a gaming experience quite like no other!

In the end then we’d have to say that Sapphire Rooms is a fantastic site to start your online career at as the site looks modern and smart, the welcome bonus is fantastic regardless of how much you’re looking to spend, and there’s plenty of top games including exclusive ones too!