Pay By Boku Casinos

If you’re an online or mobile casino player you’ll know there’s a lot to love about them, and a lot of that comes from the ease and flexibility mobile gaming offers you that no other medium can really match. Well, the gap between mobile and the rest has just increased even further as thanks to Boku players will be able to make deposits onto their favourite sites quicker and easier than ever before.

Of course we’d expect your first reaction to this news to be a little skeptical as depositing online is already easy enough as is but what if we said now thanks to Boku and Boku casinos not only will deposits be quick and easy, but you won’t need a bank account or even need to pay for your deposit there and then either?!

If that grabbed your attention then let us explain to you how Boku works so you can be depositing and playing at a Boku casino is mere minutes. When you pick your favourite Boku site simply select the “pay by mobile” or “Boku” option they have as a deposit method. Then you’ll be asked to enter your deposit amount and phone number. Once this is don’t you’ll be asked to quickly confirm via your mobile and your money will be added to your account – simple and easy just how we like it!

The reason you won’t need to pay there and then for your deposit is that Boku will simply add your deposit amount onto your monthly phone bill so you won’t need to pay for a thing until it’s time to pay your phone bill! We’re sure we don’t need to tell you but this is just fantastic news for players the world over as if you’re still a few days off payday, you’re not on a private connection, or you simply don’t feel like entering in all your bank details online well now you don’t have to saving you both time and piece of mind!

In the end we really have nothing but great things to say about Boku and their pay by phone deposit method as it really does tick off all the boxes that online and mobile casino players have; it’s quick and easy to use, you don’t need to enter any personal information, and to top it all off you can play before you pay!