There’s a new type of payment method that’s being picked up by most of the online and mobile casinos right now and those that haven’t picked it up just yet will do in the near future as there’s too many benefits for players for them not to, In this case, It is Payforit casino.

There’s a few different names for this method and if you see a “pay for it” option on a site then this will be one of the names you’re looking for and the method is to pay through your phone bill! Pay for it is a relatively new way for players to make deposits onto online and mobile casinos and we don’t really know why it hasn’t been an option before now as the benefits you get from choosing to deposit this way are second to none!

What’s so good about the “pay for it” method is how quick, simple, and safe it is to use. Firstly it only takes a few seconds to make the deposit as the steps are incredibly simple. Simply select to pay by phone or “pay for it” if that’s the option, then enter in your phone number, and finally confirm that you’d like to make the payment. It really is as simple as 1,2,3 and you’re on your way to playing your favourite games.

Some of the hidden advantages you get from using the “pay for it” method are firstly that you don’t need to own a bank account, all you need is a phone bill, and if you do own a bank account then this gives you an option to play without putting any of your details online.

The final and arguably the greatest benefit to depositing through the “pay for it” method is the fact that you don’t need to pay there and then which means if you’re looking to play a few games but don’t have the money on hand, then you can use this method and pay it off when you go to pay your phone bill, simple!

All in all we’d have to say this is a fantastic new way to go about depositing on an online or mobile casino as not only is it quick, easy, and means you don’t need a bank account, but it also means you can pay later rather than now too!