The online and mobile casino industry really has been revolutionary for players in many respects, but perhaps none more so than convenience it has afforded players allowing them to pretty much play whenever they want without any sort of hassle.

And as time has gone on the convenience players have been afforded has only improved further and further and now with Boku the industry has just taken yet another giant leap forward as now players can get money onto a site to play whenever they like with about as little hassle as is humanly possible.

How this has been achieved is quite simple really and truth be told we’re quite surprised it’s taken this long for online and mobile casinos to start offering services such as Boku and transform themselves into Boku Casinos. The simple yet brilliant idea that Boku has come up with is to simply allow you to use your mobile phone contract to make deposits on a site.

This works in three or four incredibly simple steps starting with you selecting Boku as your method of payment at the casino, entering your mobile number, and then confirming your purchase. It really is as simple as that and then however much you deposit will be added onto your phone’s next monthly bill which you can pay at its next due date.

Not only is this a completely hassle free way to make deposits at a casino but it also means you don’t even need to have a bank account in order to play on a site! And if that wasn’t good enough by choosing Boku this allows you to play your favourite games before you’ve even been paid as you won’t need to pay for this till your next phone bill is due!

It really is as simple as that and the benefits are abundantly clear to see with pretty much no drawback at all. You’ll find that most of the big sites are now offering Boku as a form of payment and as time goes on that number will increase to the point where it will eventually reach every site so regardless of where you play or how much you spend, you can make things a whole lot easier for yourself by playing at a Boku Casino!